In a procedural-made maze, every single game will be different: losing your way is as easy as losing your companions. Keep in your mind where you are and be careful on each way you chose: even the right one is full of obstacles. Facing them or avoiding them is your decision. You will have 4 tools: use them with caution because each is a double edge weapon. Cooperate with your friends because your target is the same: manage to escape from this gloomy maze. But remember... Time is your worst enemy: you have 10 minutes to solve the mistery of the maze and find the exit.

Join into this confusing procedural maze. Lose yourself... is the only way to get out

Sleeping Dawn is a survival horror cooperative game up to 4 players

Join your friends, cooperate with them, make quick choices and... RUN

What really matters is not falling asleep: it's your last chance