Helpful Tips to Enjoy Vaping from The First Day

Vape pens are user-friendly and it won’t hurt to get introduced to them, especially if you are just starting out. You got the new gadget box just delivered to your doorstep. You unboxed it and pretty tempted to get it charged and have fun but there are some tips to help you use vape professionally from the first day.

Read the manual

It can be a 15-page booklet or a single pamphlet. In any case, remove it from the box and read it from one end to another because you will be surprised to learn essential things you were unaware of associated with its maintenance and use. Charging cables differ greatly, so make sure you know, which charger will be compatible with the vape.

What have you planned to vape?

There are 3 different materials you get as options –

  1. Vape oils and e-juices
  2. Dry herbs
  3. Concentrates

You will not be able to use all of them with a vape pen, so there will be a need for some extra device. CBD vape oil and e-juice are substitutable. Remember to choose a material that supports your vape pen. For example, never load a dry herb vape pen device with concentrates. It can be a waste of dabs. There are some vape devices with swappable parts, which allow you to enjoy concentrates and loose leaves. However, you will be to be cautious while switching modes.

Fully charge it before hitting 

The majority of vape pens have in-built batteries, which you need to connect to a charger. Some package has a charging cord, you can use. Recharge only when the battery goes down and as soon as it gets fully-charged, shut the switch off.

Vape sensibly

You need to have control of whatever you vape. If you vape concentrates or dry herbs than be very cautious of the intake amount and usage level. Just because vaping is allowed and it is easily accessible doesn’t mean you must abuse it. Be sensible…..go low……go slow! The moment you get to a point of satisfaction stick to it!

Use fresh herbs

Premium Quality herbs and you can enjoy a vape session. Sufficiently cured yet fresh buds are great. Ensure to grind it finely.

Correct temperature

Temperature is also critical but it depends on the preferred effect and style to vape. Different kinds of cannabinoids need different temperatures to evaporate, so experiment a little until you hit the sweet spot!

Avoid burning herbs

Never use vape in the high setting. You can control the temperature by choosing an ideal setting without any accidental combustion.

Pack the chamber right

Get finely grounded buds, so that you don’t need to cram the weed. Evenly pack the chamber with grounded weed so that the airflow does not get cut off.

Take calculated hit

Never take hard hits from vape pen because it will be unable to heat the air passing through or you may possibly suck more concentrated fluid that could be vaporized thus wasting valuable dabs. Dort quick puff creates a big draw needed without causing overheat within the vape or its mouthpiece.

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