Using Natural Elements in Interior Design

When it comes to design it can be a marvelous notion to bring some of the outside in. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate natural elements.


One of the first natural resources you can take advantage of is wood. It instantly adds a warmth and understated elegance to any room it occupies. The density, color, and intrinsic properties of wood varies a great deal from type to type. Walnut, cherry, mahogany, and ebony are all beautiful dark woods that work great as furniture pieces. Lighter woods like aspen, ash, and pine work well as decorative pieces and can add a modern twist with their light hues.

Since wood adds a texture of coziness it can be used to soften a room that feels cold or unwelcoming. You can use highly stylized pieces, or experiment with leaving some of the raw edges and shapes as-is to truly celebrate the character of the tree.


Where as wood is warming, stone is cooling. Stone can give any space a modern, clean, and sleek feel. It is a great medium for bathrooms and kitchens, which are more prone to moisture and temperature fluctuations. Some of the most popular natural stones used in interior design include slate, granite, and marble.

If you want to incorporate elements of stone you can go small and go faux since larger solid pieces can be quite expensive. Stone-like wall plates covers, three dimensional wall paper, and decorative items are some areas where you can save money on small touches so you can go big in other areas and prioritize getting a solid stone countertop, tub, or shower.

Water, Air, and Fire

Finally, there are the essential elements of water, air, and fire. Water can be used very powerfully in the dynamic of your home and not only add an interesting design, but a calming or inspiring effect as well. In fengshui flowing water symbolizes prosperity and abundance. To start small you can have a centerpieceon the table with floating candles, an indoor water garden, or a small water fountain. For larger statements a pool, water wall, or aquarium are all great ways to make a big impact with water.

Glass is a great material to use when representing air, especially clear glass. It gives an open and breathable feel to windows, decor, lighting, and more. Fire can be used via fireplaces, candles, or lamps. If you don’t want to have open flames, try using fire inspired colors like red, orange, and yellow on small touches like wall plates covers, pillows, and lampshades. By bringing some of the natural elements in, you can have the best of both worlds in your interior design.

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