3 Benefits of Living Lakeside

Living near a lake can be one of the best decisions a family can make. Several famous people chose lakeside real estate to improve their creativity and allow them the time to think. Henry David Thoreau may be the most famous because of his writings, but “Twilight Zone” creator Rod Serling regular took his family to the lake, so he could get away from Hollywood life. Real estate in Lake Wallenpaupack, PA, can provide you with several benefits over living in town.

It’s More Relaxing

There’s just something about water that relaxes people. It could be because water is essential for life and knowing it’s nearby satisfies a primal part in them. It could be because water brings with it animal and plant life that reminds people that they aren’t alone in the world. It could just be because after a day on the water, the body and its muscles have worked a full day, which rarely happens in the city or on the job. Whatever the reason, living near a lake can help you relieve the stress of the day and relax after work and on the weekends.

It’s More Congenial

People who live on a lake tend to be friendlier without being too personal. A lot of people choose to live near lakes because they value their privacy, but it does take teamwork from everyone on the lake to keep the water clean and to regulate activities, like speed boating that others might find annoying. This type of cooperation leads to people understanding that being congenial helps ensure that everyone can indulge in the lake activities they treasure most while also allowing everyone the peace and quiet that comes with living near the water.

It’s More Active

You can always indulge in your urge to binge Netflix, but on a lake, that’s not your only choice for inexpensive entertainment. If the lake allows, you can go swimming. Canoeing, fishing, and paddle boarding are popular activities. Simply watching for wildlife, enjoying a sunrise or sunset, and sitting on the porch with a cup of coffee and a good book while breathing fresh air is better for your body than the screen time that most people are subjected to at work and home. Real estate in Lake Wallenpaupack PA is one place where you can experience the joys of living near a lake and get healthier while doing so.

Summary: Living on a lake is more relaxing, more congenial, more active, and overall, healthier with less pollution than living in town or in the city.

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