Surveying Property Helps in Keeping Land Safe from Illegal Disputes

When you plan to purchase a land or property, there are many things to look into. Most people merely find a land or broker who provide them property or plot and make an offer. Many people forget to review the property and property before making a deal. The perfect time to survey a land is just before making a purchase or negotiating.

Thus, there is a need for a land surveyor who determines the measurement of boundaries to ensure that the plot is actually worth buying, or the price quoted is worth the land piece. The surveyor can actually tell you if the trees, fences, buildings, driveways, sidewalks, etc. are part of property or anyone else’s property is infringing your property.

Citisurv Pty Ltd is set up by Mike Morris in 2007 in Newington NSW, Australia. The company provides reliable and experienced survey of all areas that you request in Australia. With advanced tools, equipment and technology, they have received a lot of respect and appreciation from customers for their fine work.

Land surveyors are seen on road, wearing hard material hat and their company’s uniform. They will always carry a tripod and telescopic machine, which is required every time when they’re out for surveying. They aren’t just to measure a plot or property, but their surveying also includes land or building construction, roads, sports field, farming, bridges, etc. and to also measure and monitor the environment and its impact on the property.

Here is the list of their core job and responsibilities –

  • They provide exact measurement and size of land which also includes topographic heights.
  • Since they have surveyed the entire property minutely, they can provide advice and information to engineers, developers, geologists, town planner and architects to make their work a lot easier.
  • They also have to work with government authorities like water, power and sewer suppliers.
  • They are first people to visit the land to take measurement and map the land. This measurement is forwarded to the architect who accordingly plans the layout.
  • Their work helps all departments to construct a strong building with stable base that can bear all kinds of natural calamities and yet stand strongly upright.

Land surveying is important for every business. Here are few reasons mentioned below –

  • Accurate dimension and topography help engineers and architects to plan a township, buildings or anything complying with government guidelines.
  • Professional survey helps you in getting government permit for municipal supplies and land usage. The survey report is submitted in government office with other documents.
  • Different zones have different purpose of land usage. With the survey, many things like vegetation land, building heights, wildlife, wildfire, etc. is taken into consideration.

Licensed surveyors are best choice for every purchaser. This is because they stick to the educational standards and disciplinary procedures. Licensed surveyor has the authority to deliver a certified plan which is authentic and is also used by state government to save all information about the land and property. Any survey report provided by non-licensed surveyor is considered illegal by the government which can be disputed in future by anyone.

To avoid all these risks, always go for authorized and licensed surveyors. Purchasing a land is a big investment, thus do not rely on landowner or agency’s words. Simply seek help from the property surveyor to get exact information.

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