Features Luxury Real Estate Buyers Want the Most

Luxurious real estates appeal to the buyers’ lifestyle, convenience, and wants for functionality with style. And, although they’re often personalized to meet preferences, most share key amenities that improve their value and chance to be sold. Read on to learn more about these features.

Smart Technology

Every modern luxury real estate is equipped with the latest technology, making chores easy to perform. By integrating smart devices, owners can do most of their daily tasks and more with the use of voice commands or just a few taps on their tablets and mobile phones. They’ll manage these functions even from the office or while at school.

Many high-end properties have smart home security setups. Some devices can even send real-time notifications through emails or text messages whenever you left the doors open or if someone’s trying to unlock them. In case of break-ins, some systems activate a complete lockdown, shutting all windows and gates and automatically call nearby police stations.

Elite Bedrooms

The reason bedrooms are taking one of the top spots on buyers’ must-have list is because virtually half of their days are spent in these private sanctuaries. Several factors come into consideration.

For one, the bedroom should have a large open floor plan, big enough to accommodate a massive bed and an area for a mini living room. Incorporating the latest technology is also expected within the space. The list includes voice-automated lighting systems and remote-controlled curtains. Buyers are looking for floor-to-ceiling windows as well, one they can switch from clear to opaque with a simple click of a button.

Lavish Walk-In Closets

Another priority for buyers is a large walk-in closet where they can store their high-end garments. Some also use it to display their collections of bags, shoes, and precious pieces of jewelry.

Inside lavish walk-in closets are vanity tables equipped with light-mounted mirrors and all of your grooming necessities. They have dedicated dressing rooms with a small, elegant sofa or ottoman chair and full-length looking glasses. Some even feature art pieces, like paintings and mini sculptures. Buyers also love islands with additional storage compartments and glass tops where they can display their neckties and designer watches.

Outdoor Retreats

Luxury homes have a vast outdoor space. Most often feature large pools with cabanas and lounge chairs. Adding to the alfresco flair are kitchens and patios you can turn into dining areas.

You can also enjoy an intimate open-air experience with balconies in each room. With this, you can easily accommodate your guests when hosting barbecue parties. Additional attractions include fountains and fire pits.

When looking for a high-end property, buyers are more than willing to make the purchase and sign the contract if it has these features and amenities. If you’re in Palm Beach, luxury real estate agents in the area can help find the house that best fits your specifications.

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