Informative Lines on Modes of Transmission Adapted by the Deadly Virus COVID 19

The new fatal coronavirus has multiple means to spread making it difficult to curb its negative effectiveness. Scientists, researchers, health care officials and state authorities all are baffled how COVID 19 is able to reach the system of human beings.

The massive increase in the count of people fated to be ill because of being affected by the infectious virus favors everyone to remain stressed as they have no inclination about the ways used by the virus to advance quite fast.

Here are few known ways of COVID 19 communicating ways:

  • Respiratory droplets: This is one of the major ways of spreading the infected ailment. Droplets of any size once landed on another person’s bare skin aids in transmitting the dreaded disease.
    • To remain safe from the respiratory droplets, try to maintain at least 1m distance from your fellow individuals.
    • Social distancing really helps, thus do not venture in crowded places even while doing grocery shopping.
  • Fomite: Another way for the virus to move fast as it remains live on many objects and surfaces for many hours. Hence, when you touch such material or contaminated surfaces, there are chances of you becoming the new host of the pathogens.
    • For safeguarding against fomite is to wear gloves and it is best to be fully covered while going outside.
    • Use sanitizer often and wash your hands every fifteen minutes.
    • Don’t touch your nose, mouth, eyes and ears with bare hands.
  • Airborne transmission may be possible: Yes, large size respiratory droplets may remain in air for longer time period thus spoiling the air quality. Breathing in the air will surely spoil your health.
    • Safety measures to be taken are to wear KN95 respiratory masks and cover your body fully. You can all time wear gloves and masks to stay safe while other people sneeze or cough near you and there are chances of the mucous droplets present in air or touch directly your body.

There are no guarantees that the virus isn’t present in the food you eat from vendors as you never know whether it was prepared by infected cook. Thus it will be wise gesture to eat home cooked food. Avoid canned foods and alcohol rich drinks as well. Health care expert’s advice is to avoid eating or drinking cold freezing food.

Other safety measures to avoid transmission of COVID 19 virus:

All time wear facial masks that help to safe guard your mouth and nose that are prone spots for virus to enter your body. In market there are multiple kinds of masks available, thus choosing the safest one is difficult. You don’t have to worry, as you won’t go wrong while buying KN95 respiratory masks for yourself and your dear ones.

Not only to be safe from virus and flu outbreak as you can remain safe from allergic issues as well. Thus, buy from the best mask makers ready to sell all kind of quality masks at reasonable price such as Custom Earth Promos.

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