Cool Colors to Consider for Your New Kitchen Cabinets

Your life is a lot more fun and stylish with gorgeous premade kitchen cabinets. If you feel like your kitchen has seen better days and you want to make a big style changeup, then new kitchen cabinetry is the best way to go. It’s incredible how big of a difference new cabinets can make in this space, but the key is finding the right color to suit your style. Here are a few trendy colors that could be perfect for your pre-assembled kitchen cabinets.


One of the most popular colors in modern design is white. This light, bright shade creates an open, airy appearance in any room, especially your kitchen. If you feel like your current cabinetry is really dark and weighs your space down, then it may be time to make a huge switch and try white instead. Many homeowners appreciate how white cabinets open up the room and compliment countertops and flooring.


The opposite of white is black, and you can go big and bold with new black cabinets. Black is also a sleek and stylish color for contemporary cabinets. Dark cabinets contrast nicely with almost any color, especially if you want to try lighter countertops or appliances as well. Black cabinets are also nice because they cover up stains, scuffs and scratches easily. If you suspect your kitchen will be a busy, boisterous place with lots going on, then you may want black cabinets that won’t show that much wear and tear.


If you want to try something other than white or black, walnut is a lovely option. Walnut timber cabinets are made from rich, dark wood with a beautiful finish. Walnut cabinets are known as extremely durable with a modern, elegant twist. It’s also good that walnut is a lightweight wood that’s easy to carry in and out without too much trouble.


Last but certainly not least, blue cabinets are a fabulously fun way to take your kitchen design to the next level. If you’re a big fan of blue and you’ve always wanted to incorporate your favorite color into your interior design, this is your chance. You can pick your chosen cabinet material and then a blue paint color or finish to create this refreshing twist for your kitchen design. Just keep in mind that with blue cabinets, you want to make sure this color compliments the rest of your kitchen features. You can achieve that amazing blue look with the right premade kitchen cabinets.


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