Top Reasons Why Seniors Prefer to Stay in Their Homes


Many families face difficult choices about what’s best for their elderly parents or loved ones as they age. What’s best for their physical health? Their mental health? Of course, where’s the best place for them to live? These are all hard questions that don’t necessarily have easy answers. However, one thing will remain true and that’s the fact that it’s important to listen to them and acknowledge their requests. One common request held by most seniors is the desire to remain in their homes instead of moving to an assisted living facility. With the availability of outstanding at-home care in Sacramento, more and more seniors are enjoying the benefits of staying at home while being properly cared for. Here are a few other reasons why most seniors would prefer to live at home.

Comfort and Familiarity

Seniors want to stay in their homes because their homes represent a place of comfort and familiarity. They might have a favorite window to sit at, a garden that they enjoy tending to, or a neighbor that brings a smile to their face every day. These at-home features are difficult to recreate in new places. Remaining in familiar places has proven to be good for their mental health as they age.

Ease Anxiety

It’s not hard to imagine why a new place with new faces can create a sense of anxiety for a senior relative, parent, or loved one. This is especially true when they’re used to being in the comfort of their own homes for the last ten, twenty, or thirty years. Anxiety is very common amongst seniors who are forced to leave their homes and live in an unfamiliar surrounding.


Being at home creates a sense of security. Elderly parents or loved ones already know where everything is, know each step, and can locate every light switch. Moving around a new space can not only create anxiety for a senior, but it can also be unsafe in some cases. Being at home offers a sense of security that some assisted living facilities can’t provide.

Saves Money

One factor that both seniors and their relatives love is the fact that at-home care in Sacramento is so affordable. Assisted living facilities can be incredibly expensive and might not have the specific medical care that they need. In-home care services in Sacramento have become more and more popular because they offer amazing medical assistance, companionship, and support at a very reasonable price.

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