Why you need a resin bound paving

Resin Bound paving DIY lovers always love the prospect of having to give their driveways a new look. Whereas this is such a good idea, there are several factors that you need to consider. One thing about resins for driveways is the fact that there are several of them in the market today.

Types of driveway finishings and why you do not need them

If you use brick weave for your driveways, you should be ready for time-consuming maintenance and the expensive cost of buying the materials for the job. If you use asphalt for your driveways, they do not have much appeal and come in just one colour. Driveways with loose gravel usually undergo constant movements and loose materials over time. Concrete driveways come with lots of variations but do not have as much appeal as a resin driveway.

The benefits of the resin driveway

Resin bound driveways come with excellent resiliency. They are also attractive, and durable. If your driveway is made from resin, you would be happy with its effortless maintenance. They also come in numerous aggregates and colour blends. Additionally, you can select unique mixes of aggregates and custom colours to give your house the perfect surrounding.

One reason many people also choose to use resins for their driveways is their complete resistance to Ultraviolet light. This UV resistant factor of the paving material means that will never lose its colour or fade over time.

Resin comes as a strong, non-slip, and reliable surface. The non-slip factor of resin as a ground paving material is highly useful for residential homes. The paving material is safe for elder people, wheelchair users, and children. For DIYers who love to create the look of their home all by themselves, they will need to blend the resin aggregates during the mixing process. This will help increase the load-bearing capacity of the material. This means that after installation, it would be able to withstand lots of heavy loads from moving cars, parked vehicles, or people. A properly mixed resin mixture gives your resin driveway a durable and sound surface that lasts for a longer time than traditional materials like paving blocks and tarmacs.

Can be paved on an existing and strong groundwork

Resin bound driveways patios or paths are durable enough to be paved onto any existing paved surface. This is possible if the paved surface is strong enough to withstand the load from both human and vehicle traffic. When installed this way, the total cost of installation of the resin surface will be much lower. This is a good option for DIYers looking to install their resin driveways on a budget.

Resin driveways have a natural draining system

Whereas DIYers are encouraged to install their resins all by themselves, they will need to be installed in such a way that their base has enough porosity to help bring out their SUDS feature. Many resin driveways have a natural Sustainable urban drainage system. This means that they have a permeable surface that helps drain any surface water that collects on the driveway. The water will be drained off immediately as it will naturally pass through the subsoil and go directly down into the ground. With your resin driveway, you can never have any water puddles on your driveway. This action means that there will never be any growth of algae and moss on the driveway.


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