All you need for Office Layout

You want the best desk size for you and your business, no matter if you’re building a new home office, replacing an existing desk, or creating a company workspace.

There are many factors to consider when buying a desk. You need to consider everything, from the amount of space available to the purpose for which you intend to use the desk and the way you work best.


To help you select the right size for your desk and provide practical and helpful advice, we have taken a look at some frequently asked questions.

These days, many offices are changing their office layouts to be more open and collaborative. No matter what kind of business you have, you should strive to create happy and healthy employees. Designing an ergonomically efficient office layout leads to happier employees and higher productivity.



You should consider the activities of your employees and your storage needs when choosing an office layout. Open-plan layouts are best if your employees spend most of their time using computers, but not much on phones. Although open-plan layouts have higher levels of noise pollution, they can promote communication and teamwork. You can use office furniture to divide the space into different workstations. This gives employees privacy and storage.



Most office desks are 70-75cm tall. This height is ideal for those between 5’8 to 5’10 inches tall and seated in a standard chair. A desk should be at this height. You may also consider height-adjustable desks (sit-stand desks). You should consider getting adjustable features for your desk, even if it’s a simple set-and-forget type. You should have an adjustable chair if the desk doesn’t.



An ergonomic office chair supports good posture and prevents injuries from computer usage. Comfortable workstations and operator fatigue should be priorities. Relaxed staff is more productive. Good office chairs will be adjustable at least 40cm off the ground, provide good lumbar support and padding. They also have wheels that allow you to easily move around your workstation. Our ergonomic office chair range can be viewed here.


Computer Monitor

The monitors of your computer should always be within arms reach. It can cause eye strain if it is too far away. Your employees should use two monitors equally. The primary monitor should also be centered in the event that one monitor is being used more than another. It is important that your employees are able to see the top of the screen from their eyes.



Brightening your office with bright lighting will help to illuminate workstations and reduce eye strain. A workplace with the right lighting will reduce fatigue and improve concentration. Light levels can be measured in Lux. The standard level for workstations is the recommended level. It is important to consider the factors that affect staff performance, such as their age. Studies have shown that lighting levels between 750-1100 improve the work performance of elderly staff.



The ideal office temperature has been debated for years. Many people agree that 21°C is the ideal office temperature. But, your staff may have different personalities and be more susceptible to the cold. If this is true, raise the temperature to 24°C so everyone can be happy.

You should consider the unique needs of your employees and create an office layout that maximizes their productivity. An office chair with adjustable back support and comfort is essential for a productive environment. You should provide your employees with adjustable back support chairs. Learn more about office layouts.


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